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Welcome to the Drew University Dance Team Site! We are a club at Drew University that brings together different styles of dance for many performances throughout the year. We perform at half-time for the majority of the home basketball games and we hold a dance show in the Spring. We also participate in other clubs’ events, such as talent shows and open houses for Admissions.

To become a member of Dance Team, you do not need to have any experience dancing. It could be your first time dancing or this could be your 12th year dancing. Either way, the team is always looking for new members. Team members are expected to attend all practices and performances unless the team captains are notified of a previous engagement.

The team captains for this year are Kristen Lammond and Maddie Wenz. Feel free to contact either of them if you have any questions at either klammond@drew.edu or mwenz@drew.edu. We look forward to hearing from you.

4 Responses to Welcome

  1. Jennifer says:

    Hi, My name’s Jennifer and I am a Junior in High School and I was interested in applying to Drew University and I am SO happy that they have a dance team. I am in my school’s modern dance company but, I have training in way more styles of dance. Is here any auditions for this and if it is possible, can you send me more info on your team? Thanks !

    • Victoria L. Dayton says:

      Hey Jennifer. There are no auditions for the dance team. We do lyrical, jazz and hip hop for our dances. Hope you decide to come to Drew. Sorry for the delay in my reply!

  2. Amanda Ford says:

    yay !!! due to all this excitement that’s the only word that I could nmuster up at the moment . So when I do get accepted (please pray i do ) I would love to continue dancing . I’m not the best but I’m not the worst . I’ve only started dancing my sophomore year of high school and feel in love !!! I love Drew and I pray I get accepted can’t wait !!!!
    God Bless ♥

  3. Jennifer Pilamunga says:

    Hi my name is Jen and I am an incoming freshman. I am really interested in joining Drew’s Dance Team. I have danced for many years and am proficient in ballet, jazz, pointe, and contemporary. I would like to know when try-out’s are ? Thank you.

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