Welcome to the Drew University College Democrats Home Page.  As a registered chapter of the College Democrats of America, our mission is to increase political awareness and activity on the Drew University campus, specifically related to the Democratic party.


We meet every week:

Every Tuesday, 8:30pm Baldwin Main Lounge

Why join College Democrats? Here are some answers from our executive board members:

“As a freshman looking for ways to get involved, Drew Democrats gave me great discussions and events. I also haven’t left since and am now treasurer for the second year in a row!” – Storm Wyche

“I joined College Dems my freshman year because I wanted to become politically involved on campus early on in my college career. As a political science major, I felt it was important to engage in discussion with others over various issues as well as hear from those who have similar and also quite differing viewpoints in order to refine my own worldview. College Dems provided many opportunities to do this by having engaging discussions at weekly meetings, bringing guest speakers onto campus, and holding events to raise political awareness throughout the year. ” – Andrew Bishop

“I joined Drew College Democrats because I wanted to work with other college students who shared my belief in the Democratic Party’s Platform. I wanted to be around people who understand what is happening in our government and who want to get involved”            – Andrew Davison