FAQs from Family and Friends

The following are questions we often receive from family and friends last year. We will add links to the answers once we have them. Please feel free to contact us if your questions are not answered!

1. Where are you guys actually staying?

Please see the trip itinerary for details.

2. What is your flight information? 

Please see the trip itinerary for details.

3. Where do I drop off and pick up people going on the trip? 

Please see the trip itinerary for details–drop students at Drew. We will spend the night at the house of Dean Frank Merckx, just next to Drew (see email for details or text a board member).

4. What health and safety precautions do you take? 

Please see the health and safety page for details. (If you have questions or concerns, please email our faculty advisor at sjamieso@drew.edu).

5. How do I contact students when they are on the trip? 

If the students have international cell phone coverage you may be able to call them directly. If not, or in emergencies, please contact professor Jamieson directly via her cell phone number (908.642.2224)’

6. Can I get updates about the trip? 

We hope to be able to make brief updates to this website, but Professor Jamieson also collects cell phone and email address for people the students ask her to contact, and will send group text messages to confirm arrival and departure, and possibly email updates during the trip. If you would like to be added to that list, contact the student in question!   

NOTE: when people are traveling, remember that NO news is GOOD news!


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