Suggested Packing List

[Note: this page can be printed!]

Clothes (to be worn or to fit into ONE carry on bag)–see note 1

  • 1 pair of Work boots/sneakers
  • 1 pair of Sandals
  • 2 pairs of work/play pants (cotton/canvas cargo pants are good)
  • 5 work/play T-shirts (no strappy/revealing tops please!)
  • 5 pairs of long shorts (preferably knee length, NOT short)
  • 1 Long sleeve shirt or light sweatshirt for cooler evenings
  • 1 nicer outfit (suitable for church or going out– select clothes that will not crease!)
  • Lightweight PJs/sleeping clothes
  • Underwear (a supply for 4-5 days — you can wash them)
  • Bathing suit

* Remember to pack light, we can wash clothes in the showers*

Other Essential Items (to fit into that same carry on bag–see note 1)

  • A money belt
  • A wide mouthed water bottle (so it is easy to fill)
  • A baseball cap
  • Work/gardening gloves (1 or 2 pairs)
  • 1 towel (the hotel will have towels; but this is for the beach!)
  • Shower sandals
  • Toiletries (including feminine products!) Travel/trial sizes (3oz only)–see note 2
  • Moisturizer/sunburn lotion (just in case)
  • Sunscreen (SP 20 or more–even if you don’t wear any at home)
  • Bug spray (Greenban and “Skin So Soft” work well if you don’t like using DEET)
  • Painkillers (asparin/ibuprofin/Tylenol–whatever you normally take) [see note 3]
  • Peptobismol [see note 2]
  • Band-Aids [see note 2]
  • Whatever allergy/cold medicine you might take if you need it
  • Snack food (powerbars, granola bars, small bags of peanuts, etc.) [see note 4]

Things you Cannot Forget!!

  • Your passport (& green card/visa, etc.)
  • Money — we recommend $150 (try to convert at least $50 to Dominican Pesos before you leave)
  • Your Drew ID card (or some other picture ID)
  • Malaria pills (Chloroquine 500m mg)
  • A 13 day supply of your prescription medicines (in original containers) [see note 5]

Strongly recommended!

  • A draw string bag or small back pack for carrying things to the worksite.
  • Something to read
  • Vitamins (in the original container)
  • Gifts for the kids (stickers, hair clips, crayons, coloring books, candies–we can pack this in our donation bag, so within reason don’t worry about weight)
  • Gum if you like to chew it!
  • Camera (and spare SD card [or film], batteries, charger)
  • Notebook for journal writing & one or more pens/pencils
  • A small travel pillow (the inflatable kind are good)


  • Jewelry
  • Any electronic equipment that you would worry about losing

NOTE 1: Everything you carry MUST fit into a bag that you can carry on to the plane with you and carry on your lap on the bus in DR (take a tape measure and measure the height, the length, and the width of your bag at the widest points. If the total of all three measurements is 45 inches or less you can take it on the plane with you).  Your checked bag will be full of donations. If you bring too many clothes for yourself and have to check your bag in you will have to pay an excess baggage fee (or we will have to leave a bag of donations behind to accommodate you).  And for packing tips, check out You Tube (of course!)

NOTE 2:  All liquid toiletries must be in 3oz travel sized containers.  We will use one carry on bag for sunblock and bug spray in larger sizes, but please do not expect us to pack hair products or other large container toiletries in the checked in luggage! We need that space for donations. 

NOTE 3: The faculty chaperone carries a Red Cross first aid kit that includes basic supplies of Peptobismol, pain killers, Immodium AD, Band-Aids, iodine, etc., but group members may also want to carry basic supplies of brands and dosages with which they are familiar.

NOTE 4: Powerbars and other snack/protein food are especially important for vegetarians and fussy eaters. We do not get to choose what we eat at the children’s home–and we will eat both of our main meals there–so if you don’t like the food you will have no meal. And you may want to snack between meals and while we are traveling!

NOTE 5: If you need to take these medications on an uninterrupted basis, you should consider giving the faculty chaperone at least one week’s additional supply in case you lose your bag or medicine. It will not be possible to refill prescriptions in DR.

If you carry an epi-pen, please acquire a spare and give it to the faculty chaperone.

Please discuss with your physician any potential side effects of missed medication or reduced effectiveness due to digestive problems, and any possible effects of excess heat whilst you are taking these medications. Please inform the faculty chaperone of the results of any such conversations.