The Honduras Project accepts tax-deductable donations in cash, or by check or credit card. All donations, however great or small, are deeply appreciated and are essential to the continuation of the project. The group raises between $12,000 and $15,000 per trip, and most of the money comes in very small amounts from fellow students, neighbors, friends, and alumni of the trip.

  There are several ways to donate 

Please select "restricted gift" & type "Drew Honduras Project"


Please use the “Donate Now” link.  You will receive an acknowledgment and receipt from Drew’s Office of Development and Annual Giving (contact them at if you have any questions about this method of making a donation)


Please make checks payable to:

Drew University – Honduras Project

and mail checks to:

Sandra Jamieson
(Honduras Project)

English Dept.,
Drew University
Madison, NJ 07940


  • children’s clothing (warm weather only)
  • children’s shoes, sneakers, & sandals (lightly used)
  • medical supplies (please don’t send supplies that are close to the expiration date or that need to be refrigerated)
  • school supplies
  • toothbrushes & toothpaste
  • children’s vitamins (please check the expiration date!!)
  • Spanish language or bilingual books

Examples of work projects and costs include:
Materials and labor for a protected play area for 40+ girls at Hogar de Niñas María Madre de Dios in the DR cost $3,000.00; notebooks for all the boys of the El Hogar de Amor y Esperanza, in Honduras, to use in school cost about $800.00; School supplies for children in a mountain village school in Western Honduras cost $80. For those who want to help directly, it costs $39/month to support the education of a child through Paramedics for Children, and a minimum of $900 to sponsor a child for a year at El Hogar. (Please note: We work with these organizations and endorse their work, but we are not responsible for any sponsorship decisions supporters might make and cannot check up on or deliver gifts to specific children when we visit.)


All donations are acknowledged by Drew’s Office of Development and Annual Giving, who provide documentation for those wishing to deduct donations from their taxes.

For further information please contact Sandra Jamieson or any of the board members with any questions about making donations.