Donations to our Community Partners in Honduras

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The Honduras Project (DHP) organized one or two volunteer trips a year to Honduras between 1995 and 2013, fundraising the money for the trip, work projects, and donations to the children’s homes and schools with which the group worked. A key component of the project (and of sustainable civic engagement anywhere) is the development of long-term relationships with community partners, and Drew students have supported one of the children’s homes they visited in Honduras for 25 years and continue to support them financially. With many volunteer groups still unable to travel, these organizations are hurting and we are fundraising to make a significant donation to them even though we cannot also donate our time and labor as expected.

In 2019 we committed to monthly donation to:

And occasional donations as possible to:

Please consider making a donation to us for this cause, or donating directly to one or more of these organizations so they can continue to help children in Honduras in spite of the loss of volunteers.