Student Organization Advisory Board

S.O.A.B functions as a major source of information and advocate for existing clubs and student organizations.

Also the board reviews proposals for NEW clubs (e.g if a student wants to start an ice-tasting club, S.O.A.B reviews them first!) and annually reviews existing clubs.

Chair:  Michael Gualtieri 

Senators:  Ashley Fernandez, Jonathan Van Dongen, Michelle Taliento

Students at large:  Positions open during September 2014



Budget & Appropriations

The Budget & Appropriations Board is the financial arm of the Student Government. B&A allocates club budgets and provides ad hoc funding to student groups via a proposal process.

Chair:  Raphael Tshitoko 


Students at large:  Positions open during September 2014

To access the online Ad-hoc form, please follow the link: