Ways to Get Involved


One of the most important parts of a believable world is the characters that inhabit it. Whether you have the most lines at the centre of the plot action or you say five words to someone when you hand them their soup at Revels, the characters make the experience.  And while we will audition people for plot, all are welcome to try out and all are welcome (and encouraged) to create the most in depth and believable non-plot character as possible at either of our events.



The clink of armor, the ring of steel on steel, the soft thump of a shield timely raised. Experience the thrill of combat and show off your prowess with a blade to a captive audience. Learn the ins and outs of stage fighting with swords, shields, spears, polearms, and good ol’ fisticuffs from our Combat Head and other experienced fighters, both current members and alumni. Choreograph intricate battles full of strategy and suspense or keep the audience in stiches with a slap stick fight.  To arms, comrades!



Do you have the voice of an angel? Can you move a party to tears with nothing but a song? Yes? No? Irrelevant! All are welcome to join in the Pubsinging Fun! We sing everything, from rowdy drinking songs to lovely ballads to tongue twisting trials and perplexing riddles.  No auditions necessary, just talk to our Pubsinging head about signing up. And if you play a period instrument (like the guitar), we may have special use for you.



Another important bit of world building is the building of the actual world itself. Signs, thrones, stockades, everything in our sets is built and maintained in house under the supervision of our Tech Head. If you want to try your hand at putting together our next set piece or would really like to operate a catapult, this is the place for you. People of all skill levels are welcome; we will teach you what you need to know. But if you do have relevant skills, be sure to drop in and share them with us.



Both Revels and MedFest are tied together with an overarching plot written by one or more of our fine members. Pour your creativity onto the page and show the world the next big production. Construct an intricate plot of betrayal and intrigue, full of head scratching surprises; a heart wrenching tale of lost love that leaves the house sobbing; or a sidesplitting comedy of errors to keep them laughing until curtain. If you don’t quite want to commit to the entire plot, we are always looking for one act plays to perform in between scenes at Revels and on our stage at MedFest. Not sure how to start? Talk to the Theatre Head for guidance.

Of course, none of these things on their own can make our events great, greatness comes when all these pieces work together. As such, we encourage you to be involved with as many aspects of our troupe as possible and to work closely with groups you may not be directly involved in.

For more information on what we do or how to join, please email thatmedievalthing@gmail.com.

Welcome To That Medieval Thing

Greetings Travelers

Your journey has brought you to the home of That Medieval Thing, a medieval re-enactment troupe made up of students from Drew University. We host two main events during the school year: Revels in the fall and MedFest in the spring. Revels is a grand feast interwoven with a fabulous plot and inter spaced with singing, dancing, plays, and combat. MedFest is a sprawling medieval festival filed with food and archery and live stage shows as well as plays and pubsinging, all tied together by a plot that culminates in a living chessboard.

We invite anyone and everyone to join us at our events and would be especially happy if Drew Students and alumni would join us in putting on our events. Go check out my other post for what you can do with us.

As lovely as the written word is, it is no substitute for a visual experience. Browse the picture on our site and if that does not satisfy you, might I direct you to our YouTube page here?

Please also meander over to our Facebook Page to stay up to date with our events.

Questions, comments and general enthusiasm should be addressed to thatmedievalthing@gmail.com.