Mar 21

Extra Bookstore Funds?

Last semester, I transferred some of my student loan funds onto my Drew Card for books. But then, when I didn’t spend all of it, I found myself at a conundrum: you can’t get a check for the money left on your bookstore balance, but then what can you do with those funds? Sure, you can wait until next semester and use it on books again, but if you’re like me you probably need that money for things like groceries or Day-Quil.

Good news! You are not only relegated to shopping at the bookstore with your “Drew Dollars,” as they are called. Although it is a good Christmas idea for family and friends, don’t get me wrong, there are other options. There are stores, pharmacies, and even restaurants around Madison that will accept your Drew Card, and you can find the list here: http://www.drew.edu/fba/students-parents/drew-dollars/ – it changes every so often so be sure to check it before you go out.

Pizza on your Drew Card? Yes! Toilet paper? Yes! So it’s good news, the money isn’t just sitting there only to be spent at the bookstore. Just make sure of two things: always be sure to check the link above first in case the places have changed (and your Drew Dollars balance on Treehouse – this is NOT the same as a meal plan), and make sure you buy your books first if you need them, ok?