Jun 13

Where is There A….?

Drew University is located in Madison, NJ, a borough about an hour train ride from New York City.

It is super helpful to have a GPS to get around any place that isn’t directly off Main Street or a main road. The area is not the most grid-like structure and there are many roads that start off going in one direction and then you end up going in a totally different direction.

Downtown Madison consists of a number of locally owned shops, boutiques, and restaurants. However, some of the grocery stores in the area include: Stop & Shop (133 Main St, Madison) and Whole Foods (222 Main St, Madison, NJ 07940). In Chatham, there is a ShopRite (641 Shunpike Rd, Chatham).

There are several local pharmacies, but there is also a Walgreens (122 Main St, Madison) and several CVS pharmacies nearby (471 Main St., Chatham and 641 Shunpike Road, Chatham).

These places are all relatively easy to get too – all are off of a main road, especially the main road Madison Ave./ Rd. 124. To get to other places though, there is a degree of traveling involved to get outside of the other surrounding boroughs, townships, and towns. For example, the nearest Target is a few towns over in East Hanover (130 New Jersey 10, East Hanover). Getting there is an adventure – be prepared for Jug Handles!