Jul 04

Life in the Townhouses

The townhouses are located next to the Ehinger Center and theo/grad students are allotted their own sections in the parking lot, as long as they have a permit from public safety (which costs about $200 for the whole year). In the townhouses, there will be four bedrooms -two large and two smaller rooms -one bathroom (upstairs), a kitchen, and a dining room/living room area.

Each bedroom comes with a twin bed that is often super-squeaky, a desk, a chair, and a dresser. The kitchen has an oven and a full-sized refrigerator, but you will have to provide your own microwave or find one to use on campus elsewhere (you also might want a toaster and a coffee-pot, which you will also have to buy for yourself). In the townhouses, you will have the option of getting a meal-plan or not, which is nice. The living room/dining room has a table, four chairs, a cushioned seat, and a couch.

The lighting in these rooms is spotty. Sometimes the lights just decide not to work. Luckily, if a light does go out, you can ask facilities to fix it and then it will be super-bright. Really, if anything goes wrong (you knock a soap-holder off the wall in the shower, a light fixture falls out of the ceiling, you arrive and there isn’t a stove, etc), you can call facilities. Or you can go to treehouse and create a work request.

There is a laundry unit just across from townhouse 27. It has two washers and two dryers, and it costs $1.00 in quarters for a load. This is actually very cheap for laundry, and the machines aren’t terrible if your loads are normal-sized. Obviously, if you stuff the dryer full of clothing, you will have to run it more than once.

Otherwise, Madison is a very nice town with very expensive everything. There is a Stop-and-Shop down the main street, just behind Gary’s Wine market, where you can get a card that gives you some discounts. This year, I have saved $70+ by shopping there with my card. If you can get gas somewhere cheaper, do it -gas in Madison is always somewhat expensive, though it could be worse (you can get more discounts on gas with your Stop-and-Shop card after you accumulate points). Do not be fooled by the fact that Madison has three universities in/around it -it is not a college town, and it does not cater to college students. Bars and restaurants close early, or at least stop serving food early, and there are not crazy parties every night. Plan accordingly.

– Submitted by Jessica Ritter, M.A. Rep.