Nov 23

TSA Constitution

Attached is the link for the PDF of the TSA Constitution. Ben O’Connor and Carol Bloom are the Constitution Committee. If you have any questions, suggestions, or ideas, please email it to them for consideration. A primary goal in amending the Constitution is to reflect the identity of the whole student body and the relationship with the broader Drew Community. Article VI addresses amendments and the ratification process.
Carol’s email is
Ben can be reached at:
Theological Student Association Constitution

Oct 02

Taking Care: October

The first issue of Taking Care has come from TSA, helping equip Theo Students with practical tools for ministry. Keep your eyes open for Taking Care as well as other uplifting visuals around Seminary Hall.

October’s focus is Suicide Awareness and Prevention, as September was Suicide Awareness month. One of the main resources in the newsletter is the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline with a live chat available and the phone number for the 24-hour hotline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255). Feel free to print this newsletter for your personal use, your church, whatever is most helpful.

Clergy are some of the most unhealthy people in a congregation – let’s break that cycle by starting as healthy students. Self care is so important, we need to take care of ourselves and help take care of each other. There will be an event in October to open up discussion about mental health and suicide, keep your eyes open for announcements about that event.

Take care of yourself!
With love from TSA.

Sep 25


Use the #DrewTheo hashtag to upload and share pictures of the year at Drew.

The Fall 2013 kicked off with a successful Trivia night and then Pancake Party!  This Saturday, September 28 is Fall Family Fun Day!  This time of community will be held from 2-5 in Sem. Hall and the lawn area and is a fun event welcome to all! Come for crafts, snacks, a BBQ, yard and board games, a DJ and dancing!


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Special thanks to Kerry Klug, Elizabeth Fehsenfeld, GSA, and GDRSA!

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And on Saturday…


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Jul 04

Orientation Leader

In the next few weeks, you will be getting information about Orientation, which is a required event for all new students.  This is a great way to get to meet fellow classmates and meet future professors.

This years orientation will be led by Lakesha Groover.  She is an M.A. student and is excited to serve!  If you have any direct questions, she can be reached at:

If you have any questions for her, or other first-years, or current students, feel free to ask below or at the “Contact Us” portion of the blog.  We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Jul 04

Gearing Up for Fall Semester

It is the 4th of July. Summer has begun, picnics are happening, the sun is shining. On the far off glimmer of the horizon is this event in late August, beginning of September, which is the beginning of the school year. If you have started thinking about and preparing for your first year, that is great. If not, you are not behind, there is still time!

If you are going to be living on campus, below is a helpful link with the process to check-in figure out what needs to be taken care of in terms of housing, student health, and public safety.

As you begin the packing and moving process, don’t overlook the essentials!
Lamps and lightbulbs are not included in the housing, and many of the rooms do not have overhead lights. Also, family housing does not include furniture, but single housing does (bed, dresser, desk, and chair, as well as common area furniture).

Jul 04

Life in the Townhouses

The townhouses are located next to the Ehinger Center and theo/grad students are allotted their own sections in the parking lot, as long as they have a permit from public safety (which costs about $200 for the whole year). In the townhouses, there will be four bedrooms -two large and two smaller rooms -one bathroom (upstairs), a kitchen, and a dining room/living room area.

Each bedroom comes with a twin bed that is often super-squeaky, a desk, a chair, and a dresser. The kitchen has an oven and a full-sized refrigerator, but you will have to provide your own microwave or find one to use on campus elsewhere (you also might want a toaster and a coffee-pot, which you will also have to buy for yourself). In the townhouses, you will have the option of getting a meal-plan or not, which is nice. The living room/dining room has a table, four chairs, a cushioned seat, and a couch.

The lighting in these rooms is spotty. Sometimes the lights just decide not to work. Luckily, if a light does go out, you can ask facilities to fix it and then it will be super-bright. Really, if anything goes wrong (you knock a soap-holder off the wall in the shower, a light fixture falls out of the ceiling, you arrive and there isn’t a stove, etc), you can call facilities. Or you can go to treehouse and create a work request.

There is a laundry unit just across from townhouse 27. It has two washers and two dryers, and it costs $1.00 in quarters for a load. This is actually very cheap for laundry, and the machines aren’t terrible if your loads are normal-sized. Obviously, if you stuff the dryer full of clothing, you will have to run it more than once.

Otherwise, Madison is a very nice town with very expensive everything. There is a Stop-and-Shop down the main street, just behind Gary’s Wine market, where you can get a card that gives you some discounts. This year, I have saved $70+ by shopping there with my card. If you can get gas somewhere cheaper, do it -gas in Madison is always somewhat expensive, though it could be worse (you can get more discounts on gas with your Stop-and-Shop card after you accumulate points). Do not be fooled by the fact that Madison has three universities in/around it -it is not a college town, and it does not cater to college students. Bars and restaurants close early, or at least stop serving food early, and there are not crazy parties every night. Plan accordingly.

– Submitted by Jessica Ritter, M.A. Rep.

Jun 13

Where is There A….?

Drew University is located in Madison, NJ, a borough about an hour train ride from New York City.

It is super helpful to have a GPS to get around any place that isn’t directly off Main Street or a main road. The area is not the most grid-like structure and there are many roads that start off going in one direction and then you end up going in a totally different direction.

Downtown Madison consists of a number of locally owned shops, boutiques, and restaurants. However, some of the grocery stores in the area include: Stop & Shop (133 Main St, Madison) and Whole Foods (222 Main St, Madison, NJ 07940). In Chatham, there is a ShopRite (641 Shunpike Rd, Chatham).

There are several local pharmacies, but there is also a Walgreens (122 Main St, Madison) and several CVS pharmacies nearby (471 Main St., Chatham and 641 Shunpike Road, Chatham).

These places are all relatively easy to get too – all are off of a main road, especially the main road Madison Ave./ Rd. 124. To get to other places though, there is a degree of traveling involved to get outside of the other surrounding boroughs, townships, and towns. For example, the nearest Target is a few towns over in East Hanover (130 New Jersey 10, East Hanover). Getting there is an adventure – be prepared for Jug Handles!

Apr 23

Spring Family Fun Day

Family Fun Day

You are invited to the Spring Family Fun Day!

Thursday, May 9, 2013 from 3:00 pm to 6:30 pm.

Take a break from papers and come chill with other students and their families! Food, games, fun. Balloon animals and face-painting too!

Activities will be held in the Atrium and on the Seminary Hall Lawn.

See you there!

Apr 22

Our Prayers Go To Boston

The events of this past week in Boston have affected us all here at Drew University. Our thoughts and prayers go to everyone affected in this tragedy.

Here are some of the thoughts and prayers sent by students on campus, posted here as tribute:

“I heard the heartbreaking news from Boston just as I’d returned from a weekend of reflection on my time at Drew and my ministry ahead. I am reminded of the powerful call we all have to do the work of peace and love. Today, we hold the residents of Boston and all those affected by violence and hate in prayer.” – Janessa, TSA President

“Praying for the safety of the people in Boston, especially Waterton right now, and for the recovery of those who were injured. Praying for the comforting of those who lost loved ones. Praying there may be healing now, and forgiveness someday. Praying those wishing to harm will be stopped, first for the good of innocent others, and for their own good.” – Lana

“God is always with us even when things appear to be out of our control he is there. In the midst of darkness light is there in his steps ever near. Boston you are in our prayers.” – Nilsa

“I was angry with the world, humanity, and even God the day the tragedy happened. However, the following day I was no longer angry, but hopeful for the future after witnessing God’s grace and love portrayed in acts of kindness for the perfect stranger.” – Chris

“Oh Great Jehovah thank you for your grace that is new every morning. Grant peace and comfort to the families of all the victims. Grant that your peace will begin to abide in the hearts of all your creation. Continue to strengthen all who hear your voice that we may work towards peace on earth. In Jesus name we pray. Amen” – Harriet

“What a horrible day, when we saw what had happened at the Boston Marathon. My husband ran a marathon several years ago, and I can’t even imagine what many of the families are going through. The finish line is sacred ground to runners… to have that violated is affecting runners everywhere. Our hearts are broken with you. Peace to your city this day, and beyond. Know that we are thinking of you and sending our love.” -Laurel

We would like to end this tribute with a beautiful article, written by Christine Smith, that poignantly lays out the rush of emotions on that fateful day.

“Again We Grieve”

Boston on Marathon Day, tax day for many, a Monday, a Sunny day in the Northeast. First it came from a friend on chat, did you hear ? Did I hear what? About Boston she answered. Then the Facebook feed started to change, PRAYERS FOR BOSTON read a friends post. I was on the phone with a customer service agent trying to pay a bill, I asked him if he was in the United States, he said no, I told him and we sat for a moment in silence not knowing what to say before we continued on with the task at hand. My fiancee was at the grocery store, I asked him if he knew when he got back a few moments after I turned on the television for the first time this semester. He had not heard. We held each other and I cried, he asked if I was scared, reminding me that everyone I knew was safe, I was crying for our world, the world of my children, the world that someday will be home to Grandchildren of mine. He understood and held me a little tighter.

What do we do when our world is turned upside down? Where do we turn? Here, on the campus of my seminary, I am sure many have gathered in the chapel, I will go there too, later. I am sure that many will go to their synagogues, chapels, mosques, cathedrals, temples, churches and houses of worship of all creeds and doctrines we will cling to each other and ask why? Some will blame, some will be angry with God, or Muhammad, or Buddha, but no matter where or who or how we worship, in some way one thing will be universal; we will gather together.

That is how it is intended to be. We do not live in this world in isolation, we live in community. We were created to compliment each other and work together. I am a Christian, you may not be, maybe you are one of the people who mark the box labeled “none” when the form says religious affiliation, maybe today you will not?

This weekend many churches and religious institutions will see an increase in attendance, that is what we do, we seek sanctuary, in whatever way we define it. My fervent prayer tonight is that “we” (those of us who attend, and those of us who lead) we will greet all who enter, with the open arms that God calls us to have, may God’s arms surround you and your family tonight, and may you be the arms of God in this world as you go through the week. God Bless You.

Apr 04

TSA Elections!

Nominations for all positions begin April 8, with TSA Elections starting Monday, April 15. Well, it is time once again to begin considering next year’s leadership for TSA – everything is open for voting from President to committee-level positions, all of which are very important.

Sheets will be posted on the bulletin boards outside the Cyber Cafe Monday through Friday. If you would like to nominate someone (you can certainly nominate yourself) write the name in on the sheet. If you are nominated, initial next to your name to show that you accept the nomination.

We have a lot of available roles to fill, so don’t be shy! If you have questions about any of the positions feel free to contact Janessa Chastain, or any member of the TSA Executive Committee by email or in the halls. There will be TSA representatives in the Cyber Cafe after chapel on Thursday, April 4 to answer any questions about positions and what they require.

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