Meet the Officers

Meet Your Officers!

The officers are here to serve and are excited about the upcoming year!  Here is a snapshot into the TSA Executive Board for the 2013-2014 school year:


President Laurel O'Connor in Northern Ireland
President Laurel O’Connor in Northern Ireland

Name? Laurel O’Connor

Position? La Presidente

Degree and year?  M.Div., Second Year

Denomination? United Methodist

Where are you from? Upstate NY, where there are more cows than people.

What do you plan to do post-graduation? I’m dedicated to Servant Ministry – I’m still in the process of discernment of whether or not that means ordination as Elder or Deacon in the UMC.

Why did you get involved in TSA? I want to make sure that Theo students are seen and heard on Drew Campus and that we are a strong, vital part of the Drew community.

What is a goal for TSA/your time in office? I have two goals: to open doors for communication and cooperation between the three schools, Undergraduates, Caspersen, and the Theo School. Also, a goal of mine for TSA is to push for accessibility on campus; making events and facilities more accessible for everyone.

One random fact about you: My husband Ben is also a student at Drew Theological Seminary (he’s the preacher in the family!) and we are board game fiends.


Vice-President Joanna Chenoweth at King's Cross
Vice-President Joanna Chenoweth at King’s Cross


Name? Joanna Chenoweth

Position? Vice-President

Degree and Year? M.Div., Second Year

Denomination? UCC (United Church of Christ)

Where are you from? Albuquerque, NM and Oklahoma City, OK

What do you plan to do post-graduation? I have no idea, but Hebrew Bible, especially the Wisdom Literature fascinates me. 

Why did you get involved in TSA? TSA has brought and worked for changes at Drew, and I wanted to be actively involved in that process. 

What is a goal for TSA/ your time in office? One goal of mine is to get Drew outside the forest and into the communities.  It is one thing to talk about working for social justice in the classroom setting, and I would like to see TSA/ Drew more regularly involved in the community. 

One random fact about you: I love SeinfeldHarry Potter, and ducks. 


Susan Goodman, Treasurer
Susan Goodman, Treasurer

Name? Susan Goodman

Position? Treasurer 

Degree and Year? M.Div. T’14

Denomination? United Methodist

Where are you from? Sacramento, CA

What do you plan to do post-graduation? I will continue to work with the UMC (and party my face off)

What is a goal for TSA/ your time in office? I hope to help more members of the community become more aware of the role of TSA

One random fact about you: I wish I had full sleeve tattoos, but I don’t think I will love it when I am 80 years old. 


Name? Richard Yoo

Position? Secretary

Degree and Year? M.Div., Third Year

Denomination? UMC

Where are you from? Long Island, NY (from a town called Commack)

What do you plan to do post-graduation? I hope to keep pastoring and seek my ordination process. I’d also like to continue studying if possible. If not right away, sometime after.

Why did you get involved in TSA? I got involved in TSA because I felt a call to do something to help. While I love Drew, I also saw places that it could use more support, and I thought joining TSA would be a way to serve.

What is a goal for TSA/ your time in office? One of my goals for TSA is to see better communication and fellowship among Drew Theological school.

One random fact about you: One random fact about me is I love buffalo wings!