Who’s In TSA?

The Student Assembly (SA) is 15 members consisting of:

  • The four executive officers
  • Three representatives from each year (nine total)
  • and two representatives from the MA/MTS program

These members are elected by their peers and are the member of the TSA who have voting rights.
Want to be in the Student Assembly? There is voting every fall semester, the nominations are announced in early September and signups are near the Cyber Cafe in the basement of Seminary Hall.

1st Year Reps: Dana Gill, Chelsea Jackson, Kory Turner

2nd Year Reps: Christine Smith, Ben O’Connor, Nadine Illunga

3rd Year Reps: Boram Lim, Bruce Hartman, Michael Gary

MA/MAM/STM Rep: Amanda Rohrs-Dodge, Jessica Ritter