Umoja House

Pan-African Theme House of Drew University

Welcome to the Umoja House homepage. This page was created to inform the Drew community about the house's purpose and events/projects that we undertake/support. It is also a chance for you to get to know more about the house and its members.


Mission Statement

    In keeping with the spirit of the Nguzo Saba, the Umoja House strives to create and maintain cultural unity within the Drew family.  Our goal is to create a cultural and academic institution that fosters the spirit, history, and reality of Pan-Africanism.  Because of the historical under-representation of Pan-African people and culture, the Umoja House is committed to educating ourselves as well as the entire Drew community on issues dealing with Pan-African Studies.  We accomplish these goals through various programming events, social gatherings, and critical discussions.  Umoja House members are soldiers in the battle for cultural progress and unity and our house is an intellectually stimulating, educational environment as well as a "safe haven" for those students who need us.



Please follow the links below to get to know the house members and, to see our past events, upcoming events, useful Pan-African links, to contact us, and the other theme houses on campus.

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The Umoja House (U House) is located at Eberhardt 25& 26 (by the Townhouses).